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Our practice centers on the areas of Corporate Taxation, Personal Taxation, GST, NRI Taxation, Related Statutory Filings, Company Audit, FEMA, Consumer Claims and Conveyancing


Who we are

M/s. D. Saha & Co. being one of the leading tax firm in the industry is being lead by Mr. D. Saha (Advocate), High Court (Cal) with a group of like minded professionals mainly Chartered Accountants and Advocates who have always tried to deliver nothing short of excellence.

For two generations we have always been committed to the cause of our clients in India and Overseas giving them NRI Taxation solutions ranging from International Taxation, Indian Direct & Indirect Taxation, FEMA (Banking/Remittances), Certifications (Form 15CA and Form 15CB) to Legal Consulting which includes Will, Succession Certificate, Property Matters, Trust, Medical Negligence and Consumer Court Cases.

We intend not only to give Consultancy but also guide our clients in choosing the appropriate Solution that suits them the most. Most of our clients are NRIs, Returning NRIs, Mariners, Emigrated NRIs, Sea-Farers and Shipping Firms apart from Corporate Institutions.

» Statutory Audits of Public & Private companies under the Companies Act.
» Audits of Societies, Trusts and other Voluntary organization.

» Advice and consultation on Indian Companies Act, 1956.
» Company incorporation (Private and Public)
» Filing annual returns on behalf of the client.

» Consultation
» Representation before the Consumer Forum at District, State, National level.

» Residential status
» Banking and Remittances
» Property

» Facilitate liquidation/lease of property through a top-notch property consultant.
» Facilitate repatriation of sale proceeds of investment and property.

» Advisory services to find out applicability of the Service tax.
» Procedural compliance, which includes registration, assessments etc.

» Advisory services including regular compliances viz Filing, Assessment etc.
» Valuation of assets by registered valuers » TDS Matters

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