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Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Tokyo, Japan

 I´ve known & been associated with Advocate Mr. Debraj Saha and his Law firm for the past 20 years now. It started when I´d just begun my career as a 3rd Officer. Since then, it has been Mr. Saha´s thoughtful counsel & honest meticulous methods, which make me turn to him for every Legal and IT related advice. What lends the best comfort are his assuring words, “Don´t worry, we will take care of it”. The significance of these few words can only be fully appreciated by we Mariners who spend the greater part of our working lives out at Sea. The nagging worries of everyday life often keep us on the edge, especially when we are too far to help. The range of such worries at sea is quite diverse, spanning from health of near ones to the health of our wealth and can occasionally be plagued with unwanted IT department intrusions into our lives. It unsettles us when we find ourselves victims of unfounded accusations brought in by the Tax department. Such was a case that I recently encountered and have now recovered from, thanks to Mr. Saha. My Wife, who had quit her job quite a few years back, was slapped with an inordinate sum of Tax, when her actual liability was Zero. What complicated matters further was the fact that her PAN had been issued in Gurgaon where she had worked more than 15 years back. Worse even, I was sailing. Receiving the Order, my Wife called Mr. Saha and there came those words. “Don´t worry, we will do whatever is necessary and we will take care of it”. We pegged our complete trust in him and he rendered justice. Mr. Saha and his firm left no stones unturned in preparing the most comprehensive defence while shielding us all the while from any possible incriminating action by the department. While we braced ourselves for the long fight ahead, Mr. Saha and his Company delivered. And in record time. He & his associates worked relentlessly, exploring every possibility & leaving nothing to chance, they gave us the relief that we so deserved. He ensured that nothing was left out and that complete remission was achieved. While I continue to leave my Family back at home to take up my professional duties out at sea, I will always draw comfort from the fact that Mr. Saha and his Company will be there who I can reach out to, when faced with a difficult situation and that he would do everything in his capacity to give relief as expeditiously as is practically possible. And not having to worry about being exploited, a fear people often have when seeking Legal help, renders peace of mind. We thank you, Mr. Saha and your Company for helping us through this and for being our Legal advisor and more importantly, a Friend.



 The services from D Saha and his team regarding NRI Taxation has been exemplary. Whenever we approached them for any query we have received a correct and professional reply immediately. We hope that this team will continue providing the services with aplomb dexterity and expertise.
I personally recommend D Saha and Associates for all help regarding Income Tax and other legal matters. They ensure complete peace of mind specially when you are away at sea, busy with your daily chores.
The team had been extremely helpful and courteous. They stand highly recommended as they are among the best in this service. They are specialists in taxation for Seafarers.

(Alternate DPA / Alternate CSO)

Pacific Carrier Lines (part of Kouk Group), Singapore

 D. Saha & Co has been handling my tax matters for the past 15 years professionally and efficiently. The office staff are co-operative and always ready to clarify the doubts, possess good attitude and respond promptly. D. Saha & Co handled the tax matter of my father (ex-mariner) also, so D. Saha & Co handled the tax matter for two generations with utmost diligence and professionalism.


Executive Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., Singapore

 D.Saha &Co have looking after my requirements for the last 18 to 20 years very efficiently. They also have a very friendly staff in the office - I guess the leader, Debraj, is leading by example. They have also started looking after my wife's returns for the last 6 years.


Bulk Ship Management Team, Sinokor Ship Management Co. Ltd. Seoul, South Korea.

 Very co-operative, prompt & responsive, Mr. Saha & his team handles the Taxation matters very efficiently for individuals working & residing overseas. D Saha & Co is highly recommended.


University of Dublin, Ireland

 Quality Services at Reasonable Cost. Very Good, Fully Satisfied.


Wallem Ship Management Limited, Hongkong

 Mr. Saha is an excellent tax consultant and probably the best for marine taxation in the eastern zone. He has done an excellent job for my case in terms of quality and legal documentation. Mr. Saha is extremely confident and truly a one stop solution for all legal income tax problems mainly related to marine matters. I am sure that in eastern zone no one can do a job such confidently and solving IT related legal matters at a record time. He is very transparent and always advising his client step by step what he is doing. We may find many people or agencies filing income tax return with a small fee. But in case of any scrutiny from IT department, they will not be able to provide any solution. It is better to stick to someone who not only files IT return but can give mental peace while you can continue with your own work.


Secretary, The Company of Master Mariners of India Sailing Master, Shipping Corporation of India.

 Wonderful experience, know Debraj personally as a thorough professional and a good human being. Very prompt service and high quality. Fully satisfied with D. Saha & Co. and they are a great value for the clients.


Assistant SI, MOLLNG Transport Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

 This company is professionally managed firm with all the right procedures in place. As a marine engineer initially sailing with Indian and Foreign flagged vessels, and then becoming a non resident Indian, the normal filing work and advice on finance related matters in my opinion was very sharp and matured. These were exactly the type of working and advice that would help me with respect time savings, considering the paucity of time with professionals in my field of work. With this professional support I can find more time for matters which money cannot buy..


G & G Surveyors Private Ltd., Kolkata, India

 D Saha & Co have been looking after my income tax management, satisfactorily, for more than 15 years.

(Chief Engineer)

Shipping Corporation of India, India.

 Since begining of my service life in Marine profession, I am in touch with Mr. D.Saha for my Income tax filing . Though I am staying quite a far in North Bengal, I found Mr. D.Saha has handled all the matters related to the filling and others related suggestions in most cordial,professional and efficient manners.Therefore the long way of our relationships should persist near future without any difficulties .Wishing him & team all success and long life for supporting Mariners.

(Chief Engineer)

V. Ships Asia Group Pvt. Ltd., Singapore

 I have been a long standing client of D. Saha & Co. All my legal affairs are being taken care of, quite professionally & satisfactorily, by them.

(Chief Engineer)

Majesh Shipping Limited, Hillock, Ballut Street, St. Julians, Malta

 I have a long term relationship with the Firm, It has been very helpful and good getting taxes handled here.

(1st Assistant Engineer)

MOL Ship Management Company, Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

 I have been visiting Adv. D. Saha for a long period of time because of his helping nature I suggest his name to all my friends.

(Radio Officer)

 Today I had a discussion with Mr. D. Saha, Earlier I was a client of his Late father Mr. S.G. Saha (Adv.) who would handle my tax returns. My discussion today regarding NRI tax doubts with Mr. D. Saha (Adv.) has made this clear to me and I am happy with my consultation with him.

(Chief Engineer)

Elegant Marine Services Private Ltd., Mumbai, India.

 I am very much satisfied with the service, Excellent co-operation of Mr. D. Saha (Adv.) and his Firm


Eaglestar Shipmanagement, Singapore

 Wonderful and helpful staff and Mr. D. Saha is very experienced in dealing with merchant navy officers, Income Tax Regulations specially with NRI issues. I am very satisfied.

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